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bdo node wars 5 22 17 60 wizard shadowcassters vs apothic vs grim angels vs atari vs midnight
BDO Node Wars 5/22/17 60 Wizard Shadowcassters vs Apothic vs Grim Angels vs Atari vs Midnight
BDO Node Wars 5/22/17 60 Wiza...
bdo blader plum combo guide
BDO Blader/Plum Combo Guide
I switched back from Blader/Plum to my Sorc because i dont liked the changes they made with this Class compared to the old Blader i played since 02.2015 in KR/Ru. But i still hope ...
BDO Blader/Plum Combo Guide
bdo guide on rocaba amity npc
BDO Guide on Rocaba Amity NPC
Ninja Memevasion build guide: Success rotation (Order from start to finish of clicking the icons ...
BDO Guide on Rocaba Amity NPC
bdo ranger basic combo guide
BDO Ranger Basic Combo Guide
In this Video i show the Basic Ranger Combos u should know when u want to play Ranger,
BDO Ranger Basic Combo Guide
bdo contribution point guide pt 1 cooking
BDO - Contribution Point Guide Pt 1 - Cooking
Part 1 of a 4 part series into ways to gain a lot of contribution points quickly in Black Desert Online - Starting with the easiest and most passive method, making Beer for your wo ...
BDO - Contribution Point Guid...
bdo horse taming guide
BDO Horse Taming Guide
BDO Horse Taming Guide
lunatlc bdo wizard awakening pvp
Lunatlc - BDO Wizard Awakening PVP
Few pvp clips from my now 58 wizard Lunatlc. Had a lot of fun this past weekend, decided to share a bit of it. I know i'm still terrible after all this time lol.... T_T one day I w ...
Lunatlc - BDO Wizard Awakenin...
bdo na node war 4 30 17 60 wizard shadowcasters vs norpass vs wartorn vs sleepingforest vs getswifty
BDO NA Node War 4/30/17 60 Wizard Shadowcasters vs Norpass vs Wartorn vs sleepingforest vs getswifty
BDO NA Node War 4/30/17 60 Wi...
bdo kr wizard awakening gameplay
BDO(KR) Wizard Awakening Gameplay
Just farming Cadry. New to video making so take it easy. I was the wiz who fought Godna when the awakening was a day or two old. M ...
BDO(KR) Wizard Awakening Game...
bdo bashims 60 wizard gq 201 211 295
BDO Bashims 60 Wizard GQ 201/211/295
BDO Bashims 60 Wizard GQ 201/...
bdo tips tricks 1 wizard cast direction change
BDO Tips & Tricks #1 - Wizard Cast Direction Change
Little trick to be able to change the direction of channelled skills such as Blizzard or Rage Lightning. Facebook: Twitter: h ...
BDO Tips & Tricks #1 - Wizard...
ru bdo wizard наконец апнул 60 лвл
ru BDO wizard наконец апнул 60 лвл
ru BDO wizard наконец апнул 6...
 bdo black desert how to make distilled water quick guide
[BDO] Black Desert - How to make Distilled Water Quick Guide
Explains where to get the empty bottle, filling it, and making the Distilled Water. Its a very quick guide! Like/Subscribe if you liked this video, if you have any requests or comm ...
[BDO] Black Desert - How to m...
detailed sorceress guide yuuki bdo italian player
Detailed Sorceress Guide - Yuuki - BDO Italian Player
GUIDA COMPLETA ALLA SORCERESS: Like and subscribe! :P Like and subscribe! :P More Videos an ...
Detailed Sorceress Guide - Y...
bdo wizard awakening grapple animation
Black Desert Online Awakening Wizard
BDO Wizard Awakening GRAPPLE ...
bdo goduhon mad and angry wizard awakening skills tree
BDO - Goduhon (Mad and Angry Wizard awakening) skills tree
If you don't get why Wizard is Mad and Angry - read skills descriptions. Visit: This video discussion thread - BDO JP - http://black ...
BDO - Goduhon (Mad and Angry ...
bdo pvp arena awaken valkyrie vs awaken wizard
BDO PVP Arena Awaken Valkyrie VS Awaken Wizard
Check out my Stream:
BDO PVP Arena Awaken Valkyrie...
bdo berserker starter guide
BDO Berserker Starter Guide
Made a basic guide that will help to start with the berserker in BDO. It has a kinda slow start, but becomes a beast later on. Hope this will help some of you ;) Twitch Livestream ...
BDO Berserker Starter Guide
bdo transfusion guide
BDO - Transfusion Guide
A quick guide to the transfusion process within Black Desert Online.
BDO - Transfusion Guide
bdo wizard
BDO Wizard
BDO Wizard
BDO Wizard