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bdo ranger basic combo guide
BDO Ranger Basic Combo Guide
In this Video i show the Basic Ranger Combos u should know when u want to play Ranger,
BDO Ranger Basic Combo Guide
bdo red nose world boss sorceress range black desert online
BDO Red Nose World Boss sorceress range Black Desert Online
BDO Red Nose World Boss sorce...
bdo fishing guide basics hotspots and harpoon fishing
BDO Fishing Guide - Basics, Hotspots, and Harpoon Fishing
Written guide: Video made by Ranjiko at BDFoundry
BDO Fishing Guide - Basics, H...
bdo sorceress
BDO Sorceress
Just curious about how this looks.
BDO Sorceress
bdo berserker starter guide
BDO Berserker Starter Guide
Made a basic guide that will help to start with the berserker in BDO. It has a kinda slow start, but becomes a beast later on. Hope this will help some of you ;) Twitch Livestream ...
BDO Berserker Starter Guide
bdo 55 sorc skill guide rotation gems and gear
Bdo 55+ sorc skill guide + rotation + gems and gear
Hey there this turned out to be a longer video than expected, sorry my webcam is far away i'm playing on my tv at the moment. I have tryed to include as much detail in this guide a ...
Bdo 55+ sorc skill guide + ro...
bdo 101 beginner s guide to valencia
BDO 101: Beginner's guide to Valencia
How to safely begin your exploration of Valencia, including what to buy before you leave town, how to get your first camel for free, and where to get a compass that will allow you ...
BDO 101: Beginner's guide to ...
diablo 2 most detailed lightning sorceress guide
Diablo 2 Most Detailed Lightning Sorceress Guide
I hope you enjoy the video and learn a lot! Please rate the video and subscribe if you do. And for those of you who want to skip around a bit, here you go. skills 1:44 stats 3:47 ...
Diablo 2 Most Detailed Lightn...
detailed sorceress guide yuuki bdo italian player
Detailed Sorceress Guide - Yuuki - BDO Italian Player
GUIDA COMPLETA ALLA SORCERESS: Like and subscribe! :P Like and subscribe! :P More Videos an ...
Detailed Sorceress Guide - Y...
bdo cultist blood sorceress black desert online
BDO Cultist Blood Sorceress Black Desert Online
BDO Cultist Blood Sorceress B...
 bdo pvp blader vs sorceress
[BDO PvP] Blader vs Sorceress
Some Blader PvP Footage from Russian Server....have Fun. The Sorcs i was fighting in this Video had same/better gear than stats in this Video [ 123/187 ] Grind Guild Eu ...
[BDO PvP] Blader vs Sorceress
bdo eu how fast is valkyrie guide
BDO(EU) How fast is valkyrie?(guide)
so here is MY WAY of being fast with valkyrie this only works with awakened valkyrie i dont own the song here: prefekt - Numb ft. johnning
BDO(EU) How fast is valkyrie?...
bdo gear guide
BDO Gear Guide
This vid so for those new to the game or just a little last hope it helps. i stream on TWITCH:
BDO Gear Guide
bdo 20mill hr silver guide under 6 minutes guides
BDO-20mill/hr Silver Guide [Under 6 Minutes guides]
Explanation on how to grind 20million Silver per Hour in BDO Social links: https://www.instag ...
BDO-20mill/hr Silver Guide [U...
bdo pvp lvl 60 warrior with grunil vs lvl 60 sorceress
BDO PVP LvL 60 Warrior with Grunil vs LvL 60 Sorceress
LVL 60 Warrior AP: 199, DP: 286 Main Weapon: TET Yuria Sub-Weapon: TET Kutum
BDO PVP LvL 60 Warrior with G...
bdo sorceress
BDO Sorceress
BDO Sorceress
bdo sorceress awakening xp grind
BDO: Sorceress Awakening XP Grind
Playing with my level 56 Sorc using the Awakening. My weapon is only +14 and it is still OP -- Watch live at
BDO: Sorceress Awakening XP G...
bdo sorceress gahaz villa grinding
BDO - Sorceress - Gahaz Villa Grinding
This is actually an improved PVE skill rotation at Gahaz Villa. No elites are included.
BDO - Sorceress - Gahaz Villa...
one click summer sq irk stealing guide sorceress s garden minigame
One-Click Summer Sq'irk Stealing Guide (Sorceress's Garden Minigame)
Hello there~ Let me start by saying that this is probably THE fastest thieving experience you;ll get, but it takes some skill and patience. Don't give up after you get caught a few ...
One-Click Summer Sq'irk Steal...
bdo pvp lvl60 warrior with grunil vs lvl60 sorceress cacao desync 2017 p2
BDO PVP LvL60 Warrior with Grunil vs LvL60 Sorceress + Cacao Desync 2017 P2
LVL 60 Warrior AP: 201, DP: 286 Main Weapon: TET Yuria Sub-Weapon: TET Kutum PlayTime: 3000h+ .................................................................................... C ...
BDO PVP LvL60 Warrior with Gr...