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blackdeser oline bdo 각성 금수랑 awakening tamer 필라 쿠 60lv 사냥
BlackDeser Oline(BDO) 각성 금수랑(awakening tamer) 필라 쿠 60lv 사냥
BlackDeser Oline(BDO) 각성 금수랑(...
bdo berserker burning random pvp episode 2 final axe mode
BDO Berserker: BurNing Random PvP - Episode 2 Final Axe Mode
"Destroyer of Dreams" IGN: BurNing Massacre Class: Berserker Server: North America Guild: NqpZ Guild Website: Date: 10/03/16 I own the video however the m ...
BDO Berserker: BurNing Random...
bdo giath awakening
BDO - Giath Awakening
3rd time doing awakening boss scroll...0 death! woohoo!!
BDO - Giath Awakening
bdo berserker funny chain grabs
BDO Berserker funny Chain Grabs
BDO Berserker funny Chain Grabs
bdo na uppando o berserker
BDO NA - Uppando o Berserker
GPU: GeForce GTX 980 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM (15.97 GB RAM usable) Current resolution: 2560 x 1080, 60Hz Operating system: Microsoft Windows ...
BDO NA - Uppando o Berserker
bdo valkyrie awakening
bdo Valkyrie Awakening
bdo Valkyrie Awakening
bdo awakened warrior cadry grind 57
BDO Awakened Warrior Cadry Grind (57)
Awakened Warrior grinding Cadrys level 57 -- Watch live at
BDO Awakened Warrior Cadry Gr...
bdo sorceress awakening xp grind
BDO: Sorceress Awakening XP Grind
Playing with my level 56 Sorc using the Awakening. My weapon is only +14 and it is still OP -- Watch live at
BDO: Sorceress Awakening XP G...
bdo eu alustin wildpants   58 awakened berserker pirate island
BDO [EU Alustin] Wildpants | 58 Awakened Berserker Pirate Island
Doing the rotation again hit lvl 58 yesterday. Better quality aswell as showing the key combinations I use.
BDO [EU Alustin] Wildpants | ...
bdo short pvp awaken valkyrie vs awaken sorc arena
BDO Short PVP Awaken Valkyrie VS Awaken Sorc Arena
Check out my Stream:
BDO Short PVP Awaken Valkyrie...
bdo m bison giant awakening goes berserk
BDO M BISON - GIANT Awakening Goes Berserk
Just trying to figure out a dooable PVE combo
BDO M BISON - GIANT Awakening...
pre awakened dark knight vs dark knight bdo pvp eiene vs kilty
Pre Awakened Dark Knight vs Dark Knight BDO PvP - Eiene vs Kilty
Small duel clip dueling Kilty (lvl 60 DK), we both have similar stats ~230 AP
Pre Awakened Dark Knight vs D...
bdo samurai awakening some skills
bdo samurai awakening some skills
bdo samurai awakening some sk...
bdo saharyun kunoichi awakening skills tree
BDO - Saharyun (Kunoichi awakening) skills tree
Visit: This video discussion thread - BDO JP - Music used in this video: C9 Planetboom - Broken Wings. h ...
BDO - Saharyun (Kunoichi awak...
bdo berserker   burning pvp highlights 1
BDO Berserker | BurNing PvP Highlights #1
Just random highlights of pvp. -- Watch live at
BDO Berserker | BurNing PvP H...
bdo 56 awakening skill guide rotation
Bdo 56+ awakening skill guide + rotation
Hi everyone, this is an updated guide as awakening is out now. I said this video would be shorter, but turned out to be an hour sorry ^^. I hope this can help you in some way, even ...
Bdo 56+ awakening skill guide...
bdo guide dbutant du berserker
BDO : Guide débutant du Berserker
Guide pour la communauté S'enflamme ! Guide débutant pour berserker sur BDO Stuff pourrave, juste la base pour découvrir le zerk, classe peu jouée. Pardon pour le son pourrave du m ...
BDO : Guide débutant du Berse...
bdo berserker skill improvements 2
BDO Berserker Skill Improvements #2
BDO Berserker Skill Improveme...
 ru bdo shimi 59lv awakening kunoichi gameplay
[RU] BDO - Shimi™ - 59Lv Awakening Kunoichi Gameplay!
Шалом, дорогие мои зрители! Меня зовут Владислав, мне 22 года, родом из г. Одесса, Украина, проживаю в г. Мытищах, Подмосковье, Россия, и я люблю играть в различные игры. У меня на ...
[RU] BDO - Shimi™ - 59Lv Awak...
bdo berserker pvp skill build setup
BDO Berserker PVP skill Build Setup
Link for Chain Grabs HERE:
BDO Berserker PVP skill Build...