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Terms and conditions
Please do not confirm your order if you do not understand and accept all the Terms & Conditions: Products prices and availability can change without notice.(Changes in cost prices and international currency rates) Our Western Union/Money Gram money receiver’s details aren't real and will change from time to time. Orders would be cancelled if their payments have not been made in 72 hours from the time of ordering. All orders are shipped on Buyer's Risk only. We don't, can't and won't provide any personal or business guarantee of 100 percent delivery through any shipping method. We don't, can't and won't provide payment refund in any case. We don't, can't and won't take responsibility for misplaced orders or delays in cases like:

  • Expired P.O. boxes.
  • Incorrect shipping addresses emailed by customers.
  • Delays caused by holidays and Postal Service failures.

We do not provide CC (Credit Card) payment methods so far and we will use mainly Western Union or Money Gram.(CC and Bank Transfers are too risky and unreasonable for both sides) We will protect your personal information and anonymity by all means.

  • Customer E-mails are always deleted after read and responded to.
  • All your personal information including orders info is stored only on removable devices.
  • All your information is confidential and secure with us.
  • We never give, sell or compromise customer information in any way to anyone.

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